Webscan Announces 2D Data Matrix Calibrated Conformance Cards

Data Matrix Calibrated Conformance Cards Available for Purchase

Longmont, CO – January 25, 2010 – The 2D Judge project is finished and industry standard Calibrated Conformance test cards are available for Data Matrix bar code verifiers.

GS1 US, the standard organization that produces the Calibrated Conformance Cards for 1D (linear) bar codes has produced the 2D cards in cooperation with industry partners including Webscan. “While Webscan had an arms length relationship with the software developers of the 2D Judge (Pitney Bowes), they have credited Webscan — whom they recognize as the technical expert on the algorithms specified in ISO/IEC 16022 and ISO/IEC 15415 — with indispensable assistance with their implementation”, says Glenn Spitz, President of Webscan.

GS1 US now offers the 2D Calibrated Conformance Cards for sale on its website, or through its Solution Partners including Webscan, Inc.  Users of Webscan 2D verification systems should contact the company to purchase a 2D Calibrated Conformance Card.

Webscan is also proud to be the first verifier manufacturer to demonstrate compliance to the calibrated conformance cards with all its 2D verification products including the TruCheck Models (TC-401R, TC-201RPM, TC-401W) and TruCheck USB Models.  Users of these products should contact Webscan to be sure they have the latest firmware in these units to ensure compliance. “Accuracy and Repeatability is the hallmark of Webscan products”, states Spitz, “and this is borne out by our accuracy in matching the target values on the new 2D cards just as our 1D products do on the conventional test cards.”


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