Webscan Obsolete Products and Replacements

The following products are obsolete and not produced anymore. Webscan will continue to maintain and repair existing units for the useful life of these products.  Suitable replacements are listed:

1) TruCheck USB Optima I (Original Optima which did not have larger field of view. Part #. Replace with TruCheck Optima Standard Part# or TruCheck 2D USB Part#.


2) TruCheck Specular Imager TC-412, Part#2881.  Original 90 degree illumination imager for Direct Part Mark Applications with a TC-201R Series Base Unit.  Replace with TruCheck USB DPM.


3) TruCheck 101-3MIL and 201-3MIL.  Single piece (coffee maker) style TruCheck with integrated 3 mil laser scanner. Replace with TruCheck Laser USB 3MIL, Part#

Note that 3 MIL remote scanners for 101R and 201R serial base units are still available.