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QR Code Printing Advice

<img class="size-full wp-image-2709 " title="QR Code with URL in lower case" src="http://www.webscaninc purchase cialis online.com/webscan/wp-content/uploads/weburllow.gif” alt=”QR Code with URL in lower case” width=”241″ height=”241″ /> First let me reiterate my earlier advice to print QR Codes with an X dimension…

QR Code Symbols for Cell Phones

There seems to be much interest of late in bar codes that are intended to be scanned on cell phones. First of all there is an ISO document in the works to address these issues and that will be the “final word” on this topic and finally provide a single point of reference for cell phone designers and printers of advertisements. However, this particular article will focus only on guidance for printing QR symbols (generally in advertisements) so they can be read by cell phones.