PDF 417 Verifier

PDF 417 Bar Code

PDF 417

Verify PDF 417 codes to ensure that they were printed properly and are scannable with a PDF 417 Verifier (also known as a PDF 417 Checker). PDF 417 symbols can link to other symbols, allowing more data to be stored amongst the two codes. However, both codes need to be formatted and printed correctly for this to work.

When checking the format of a PDF 417, elements such as modulation, minimum edge contrast, and defects, amongst other criteria are considered. These result in a verification grade, which will determine if the PDF 417 is readable on a barcode scanner.


PDF 417 codes can be checked by the Webscan verifiers below.
  TruCheck 2D USB       TruCheck Tower        TruCheck Omni         TruCheck Inline

Webscan TruCheck 2D USB VerifierWebscan TruCheck Tower VerifierWebscan TruCheck Omni VerifierWebscan TruCheck Inline Verifier

All of the verifiers above have the ability to measure and grade PDF 417 Codes according to ISO standards.  The sample report below shows the PDF file generated from verifying a PDF 417 Code with any of the verifiers listed.