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Micro PDF 417

When printing Micro PDF 417, make sure that they printed properly with a Micro PDF 417 Verifier (commonly known as a Micro PDF 417 Checker). The Micro PDF 417 is usually printed with an X to Y ratio from 1:2 to 1:5. Most scanners work best at 1:4, but it takes up more space than other ratios.

Up to 99 999 MicroPDF417 symbols can be linked and scanned in any sequence to open a data file . If one of these Micro PDF 417 codes do not scan properly, it can cause a problem with the entire link. Webscan’s Micro PDF 417 verifiers will check the ratio of the barcode, as well as grade the code to ISO specifications.


The following Webscan products will check Micro PDF 417 to ISO specifications.


TruCheck 2D USB         TruCheck Tower        TruCheck Omni         TruCheck Inline

Webscan TruCheck 2D USB VerifierWebscan TruCheck Tower VerifierWebscan TruCheck Omni VerifierWebscan TruCheck Inline Verifier

While each has its benefits and features, they will all measure your QR Codes consistently according to ISO 15415 and ISO 18004.  Here is a sample report that will be output from any of the above products: