Micro PDF 417

uPDF417Micro PDF 417 is a version of PDF 417 which is more space-efficient than PDF 417 because the start/stop characters and row-indicators of PDF 417 are replaced by Row-Address-Patterns in Micro PDF 417.  The number of rows and columns and the security level, which are changeable in PDF 417 symbols and must be encoded in a PDF 417 symbol, are fixed to certain values in Micro PDF 417.There are 3 ways to encode a MicroPDF417: text, binary and numeric compaction. Text is for general text and can encode up to 250 characters if they are all uppercase. Numeric can encode data consisting only of digits, up to 366. Binary allows for 150 characters but with reduced efficiency.
TypeStacked Linear
Character SetFull 256 character extended-ASCII
Example of Application StandardsFor PDF 417 applications in a smaller space
Non-standardized applicationsNone
Key featuresThe Micro PDF 417 has less data storage capacity than the PDF 417, 1-4 data columns, 4-44 rows
Micro PDF 417 is a more compact way to make a line scannable symbol with high data capacity. Learn more about Webscan’s Micro PDF 417 Verifiers.