GS1 DataBar Verifier

GS1 Barcode - GS1 DataBar symbol

GS1 DataBar


When utilizing GS1 DataBar within your business, ensure that the code is properly formatted and printed with a GS1 DataBar Verifier (also called a GS1 DataBar Checker).







Webscan has several GS1 DataBar Checkers to choose from:

TruCheck 2D USB TruCheck Tower TruCheck Omni TruCheck Inline

Webscan TruCheck 2D USB VerifierWebscan TruCheck Tower VerifierWebscan TruCheck Omni VerifierWebscan TruCheck Inline Verifier


These will measure GS1 DataBar and numerous other barcodes that your business may encounter. Below is a sample report that is generated from verifying a GS1 DataBar bar code.