UPC Verifier

Sample of a UPC Code

UPC Code

If you are printing UPC Codes, ensure that they are constructed correctly with a UPC Code Verifier (also referred to as a UPC Code Checker). UPC Codes are required to be printed in a certain way, including leading guard bars, central guard bars, and trailing guard bars.

Ensure that your UPC Code has a large enough quiet zone to scan properly. When unscannable UPC codes are delivered to supply chain partners, hefty fees and charge backs may be incurred.

Webscan has numerous UPC Verifiers to choose from:


TruCheck Laser USB    TruCheck Tower        TruCheck Omni         TruCheck Inline

Webscan TruCheck Laser USBWebscan TruCheck TowerWebscan TruCheck OmniWebscan TruCheck Inline

All of verifiers will measure your UPC Codes.  A sample report below shows the PDF report that can be generated from any one of the listed verifiers.