Code 39 Verifier

Code 39 Webscan

Code 39

When printing Code 39, ensure that the code scans with a Code 39 Verifier (also known as a Code 39 Checker). Since the code does not contain a check digit, it is even more important to verify for readability down the supply chain.

However, Code 39 modulo 43 contains a check digit, but this feature must be enabled in the barcode reader. Whether your company is printing a regular Code 39 or a Code 39 modulo 43, it is important to have a barcode that scans. The only way to ensure 100% scanability is through barcode verification.


The following Webscan products can verify Code 39.


  TruCheck Laser USB                    TruCheck Omni                      TruCheck Inline

Webscan TruCheck Laser USB Verifier         Webscan TruCheck Omni Verifier         Webscan TruCheck Inline Verifier

The PDF report below is from a verification of Code 39 with Webscan’s barcode verifiers.