Code 128, UCC-128, EAN-128, GS1-128 Barcodes

EAN Code 128 Barcodes

EAN Code 128 Barcodes

Code 128 Symbology

Code 128 is a very common and popular linear symbology.  It has been adapted for use with the GS1 system and barcodes utilizing the GS1 format of Code 128 are known as either UCC/EAN-128 or now GS1-128.  A GS1-128 barcode contains a Function-1 character immediately after the start character.

The structure of a Code 128 bar code consists of a start character, variable number of data characters, a check digit character and a stop character. Each character consists of 6 elements (3 bars and 2 spaces) comprising 11 modules, except the stop character, which contains an extra bar at the end which serves to close off the last space of the stop character. Data is encoded in one of three character sets (referred to as character Set A, B, and C), allowing for double density numeric encodation as well as encoding all possible ASCII characters (ASCII values 0 through 127). Code 128 is embodied in many application specifications, including barcode GS1-128 symbology (formerly UCC/EAN-128).

TypeLinear (1D)
Character SetAll 128 ASCII values
Example of Application StandardsGS1-128 is used for product identification for container and pallet levels in the supply chain
Non-standardized applicationsNone
Key featuresThe quiet zone should be at least ten times the width of the narrowest element (bar or space) and not less than 6.4 mm wide.
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