Codabar Verifier

Codabar Bar Code


Print Codabar and insure that the code will scan with a Codabar Verifier (also known as a Codabar Checker). The barcode will be verified to ANSI and ISO standards, checking elements such as: edge determination, minimum reflectance, symbol contrast, minimum edge contrast, modulation, defects, decode, and decodability.

Certain types of Codabar will require a proprietary check digit. The only way to determine that a Codabar will scan is through Codabar checking with a barcode verifier.


All of Webscan’s linear verifiers will verify Codabar, including:

TruCheck Laser USB                      TruCheck 2D USB                         TruSpec

Webscan TruCheck Laser USB VerifierWebscan TruCheck 2D USB VerifierWebscan TruSpec


The report below is a from a Codabar verification with a Webscan verifier.