CodaBarampleCodabar, also known as Codeabar, Ames Code, or Code 2 of 7, is a binary symbology  used in some health care applications and library book tracking applications.  As one of the very first bar code symbologies, there are many other uses for Codabar that are still active.  Codabar is also known as NW-7 in Asia.  The name refers to the character structure — 7 elements, each of which is either wide or narrow.   There are 4 bars and 3 spaces per character. Codabar has been used in marking blood bags, and parcel tracking numbers.
TypeLinear (1D)
Character SetA B C and D (only used as start and stop characters), the numbers 0 through 9, some punctuation characters, including dash, slash and the plus sign.
Example of Application StandardsNone
Non-standardized applications FedEx Airbills, Blood Banks Forms, and Library book tracking.
Key featuresSome Codabar standards require a check digit, while others do not because the code is self-checking.
Any of Webscan’s linear verifiers can verify Codabar bar codes.