C128-WEBSCANA linear, or 1D, bar code is the most common type of bar code. Data is encoded in the relative widths of bars and spaces. The style of encoding bar and space widths into character patterns determines the type of symbology.
There are many linear bar code symbologies, such as Code 39, UPC/EAN and Code 128. Those linear symbologies which encode data in character patterns that are made up of bars and spaces of only two widths are known as binary symbologies. Binary symbologies use only “wide” and “narrow” elements. The ratio between wide and narrow elements can be chosen when creating a binary symbology. Binary symbologies include: Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5 (I25).

Another type of linear symbology is “Modular” Symbologies, and these include Code 128, UPC/EAN, GS1-DataBar, PDF 417, and many others.  Modular symbologies can encode data in less space because character patterns are made up of bars and spaces that can be a larger number of relative widths, usually 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules wide (although in some symbologies bars and spaces can be even wider).

In both types of linear symbologies, characters generally have a fixed width, which enables the bar code character to be decoded with reference only to itself.  This property is called “self clocking” and generally makes a bar code “line scannable”.

Webscan linear verifiers can be used for:


Code 128

Code 39

Interleaved 2 of 5


Code 93



Select from any of Webscan’s linear verifiers.
Product Reason to use this product for verification of linear verifiers Example Product Picture
TruCheck Laser USB For Windows PC based verification of linear and stacked symbologies. TruCheck Laser USB with a Computer
TruCheck 101/201 For stand alone verification of linear and stacked symbologies. TruCheck 201 (Coffee Maker Style)
TruCheck 2D USB Wide Angle For imager based verification of 2D Matrix Symbologies and small linear and/or stacked symbolsl. TruCheck 2D USB Imager with PC
TruSpec Online, high speed, laser based verification of linear bar codes, on wide web presses, etc. A TruSpec Unit Verifying Codes Online