QR Code Verifier

QR Code Verification

QR Code Verification – Saves Money, Increases Marketing Success

QR Code Verification

If you’re printing QR codes, you need to ensure they’re constructed correctly. You can do this many ways but a free barcode generator works well. After creating your code, you will need QR code verification (also known as QR code check). These codes are required to be measured in several ways, including the corner finder patterns, alignment patterns, and clock tracks, as well as several checks in the data region.

QR code usage is increasing rapidly. In June 2011 alone, more than 14 million mobile users scanned a QR code. If a QR Code cannot be scanned, your marketing dollars and time are wasted. To ensure that the code is scannable, you need a QR code verifier (aka QR code checker).

 QR Code Verification/QR Code Check

To best meet your needs, Webscan offers a selection of QR code verifier products:

2DUSBFrontNoBorderOptima FrontOmni Front LightRoverMockUp3

TruCheck 2D USB                  TruCheck Optima                  TruCheck Omni                         TruCheck Rover


While each has its benefits and features, each will give you QR code verification – precisely and consistently – according to ISO 15415 and ISO 18004.  Here is a sample report that will be output from any of the above products:

QR Code Verification

QR Code Verification Report