QR Code

A QR Code Symbol QR Code, or Quick Response Code, is capable of encoding Japanese Kanji characters and is widely used in Asia. It contains easy to decode finder patterns, alignment patterns, and clock tracks.  A small amount of version information is specified by a group of modules surrounding the finder patterns, such as the size of the matrix and the selected level of error correction.  QR Code symbols can have varying amounts of error correction, allowing a trade off between symbol size and error correction capability to be made when the symbol is created.
Type2D Matrix
Character SetAll ASCII characters and binary data, using several efficient modes of encoding and data compression. May contain up to 7,089 characters (numeric only).
Example of Application StandardsAutomotive
Non-standardized applicationsLinks to websites on advertisements. See blog post. Also product marketing, ticketing and tracking.
Key featuresKanji language support.

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