Maxicode Barcode

Maxicode Barcode

MaxiCode Barcode

The MaxiCode barcode is used mainly by UPS (United Parcel Service) for sorting and tracking packages. Also known as maxi code, the MaxiCode specification is a 1-inch square that can store up to 83 characters of information. Up to 8 MaxiCodes can be printed side-by-side for additional data. Each code contains Reed-Solomon error correction, indication of the mode in use, postal code, country code, and class of service code.


MaxiCode Specification

Type2D Matrix
Character SetAll ASCII characters and binary data, using several efficient modes of encoding and data compression.
Example of Application StandardsUPS Package shipping
Non-standardized applicationsNone
Key featuresThe MaxiCode Barcode finder pattern is rotationally symmetrical and on the inside of the symbol, thus allowing error correction to result in a readable symbol even when the extremities of the symbol are damaged, not printed or torn off of a label, or when the whole symbol is not seen in the field of view of the reader. The data near the central “bulls eye” is most critical for package sortation, and is called the “primary message”.
Webscan has numerous MaxiCode Verifiers from which to choose.