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If you are printing aztec codes, you need to ensure that they are constructed correctly. You need an aztec codes verifier (also known as an aztec barcodes Checker). An aztec code needs to be printed properly to ensure that the code has enough quiet space to scan. The inside finder pattern must also be  readable.

Avoid costly chargebacks or product returns by verifying that your aztec codes are correct.




Webscan has several aztec barcode verifiers:


      TruCheck 2D USB                   TruCheck Omni                     TruCheck Inline

Webscan TruCheck 2D USB Verifier   Webscan TruCheck Omni Verifier  Webscan TruCheck Inline Verifier

The PDF below is a sample verification report for aztec barcodes.

Aztec Barcode

Aztec Barcode Verification