TruCheck Laser USB

TruCheck Laser USB is the new affordable, PC-based bar code verifier that truly takes bar code verification to an entirely new      level of ease of use. By combining an incredibly easy-to-use Windows user interface with an automatic scanning head, Webscan has created an unbeatable solution for ISO / ANSI / CEN grading. TruCheck Laser USB verifies all common linear bar codes with the touch of a button — including the new multi-row stacked bar codes.

Accurate and Repeatable Measurements.

The TruCheck Laser USB’s unique scanning head features a moving laser that automatically scans from top-to-bottom on a bar code. The system takes the 10 individual scans to instantly generate the overall ISO grade of the bar code.

The moving laser removes all the influence of a human operator as the scan angle and distance are fixed to ensure accurate, repeatable results. The scanning head is contained in a compact, sturdy housing and attaches to your PC via a USB cable for incredible flexibility. The TruCheck Laser USB can easily be taken into a warehouse, or any manufacturing location. A guide plate makes it fast and easy to position over a bar code.

Results you can count on.

Results — and any faults — are vividly displayed on your PC monitor, and clearly highlight any problem areas in your bar codes.

In addition to the quality grade, the TruCheck Laser USB also parses data and checks for proper formatting of GS1 Application Identifier (AI) data fields. This makes the Laser USB the ideal verification solution for critical applications such as the new GS1 Coupon Code, and also pharmaceutical unit dose labeling. You can use any local or network printer to get hard copy results. Want to save paper? Save reports as a PDF file, store data directly in a spreadsheet, or as an HTML file which can be displayed within any web browser. Documentation and communicating your quality and compliance has never been so convenient! TruCheck vs. hand-held devices. There is no comparison.

Stop wasting time with hand-held devices that generate inconsistent results!
Think of the hours that are wasted trying to figure out the true grade of a bar code. One operator gets a B grade, the next get a D — all on the same bar code. Since the TruCheck Laser USB scans automatically, every operator gets the same result. With Webscan, you get a bar code grade you can count on — and the peace of mind that comes with proven reliability and repeatability.

Ready for the Future.
With the TruCheck Laser USB, you will be ready for line-scannable 2D codes, such as PDF417 and GS1 Composite bar codes. No need to replace equipment if your customers start with the next generation bar codes. Your TruCheck Laser USB verifier will not become obsolete. And, you can even add the optional TruCheck 2D USB imager in order to measure 2D matrix-style symbologies such as Data Matrix, QR code and Aztec code. Regardless of your needs, Webscan has a solution.

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Do you need a USB system to verify 2D Matrix Symbologies?   Go to TruCheck 2D USB page.

Additional Features:

  • Film Negatives
  • Auto Discrimination – recognized the symbology and magnification automatically
  • Free Software Upgrades – Your system is never obsolete!
  • Save results of every scan – electronically in spreadsheet, PDF files or HTML format