Webscan offers a large selection of barcode verifiers, otherwise known as barcode checkers. Regardless of your specific application, Webscan has the product that will fit your needs. Curious about which verifier is right for you? Check out our product descriptions below or view the newest available products through Cognex.


TruCheck Laser USB

Eliminate human operator error with the TruCheck Laser USB barcode verifier. Simply place the guideplate on top of any Linear symbology and let the moving laser head automatically scan your barcode.

The TruCheck Laser USB barcode checker is engineered for Linear 1D and 2D symbologies. Bar codes such as UPC, EAN13, GS1 DataBar, Code 128 and Code39 are a few of the most common linear symbols supported by the system. UPC and EAN13 are used on a majority of the products that are purchased in stores, Code 128, GS1 128 and Code 39 are commonly used for packaging labels and codes used in back end systems.

The TruCheck Laser USB bar code verifier also verifies line scannable 2D symbologies such as the PDF417 family and GS1 DataBar composite codes are used in a variety of applications. These 2D linear bar codes allow large amounts of data yet maintain the ability to be read with low cost scanners. They have been adopted in a number of applications from point-of-sale coupon scanning to other industrial related shipping, identification, manufacturing and traceability applications.

Learn more about this product and its capabilities in the TruCheck Laser USB product video:


TruCheck Optima

The TruCheck Optima is one of Webscan’s most versatile bar code checkers. This hand-held verifier works with all of your 1D and 2D barcode symbols and repeatedly gives accurate results. The Optima provides a fully integrated and hand-held TruMatrix™ imaging head, reducing human error and maximizing effectiveness. Thanks to the Optima’s innovative design and integrated illumination, there is no focusing or aligning necessary.

Check out our TruCheck Optima Product Video for more information:


TruCheck Omni

The TruCheck Omni offers an extra large field of view (up to 6 inches) and its 5-megapixel camera offers the highest resolution in the industry. Not only can you verify bar codes of different sizes, symbologies, and dimensions, but you can do it all in one scan with our software’s unique Multi Mode setting.

The TruCheck Omni’s minimal housing frees up space on your desk or production line. Solid-state LEDs run cool and last longer than the competitor’s expensive halogen lights.

Still not sure if the Omni is right for you? Watch the TruCheck Omni product video to see these features and more in action!


TruCheck DPM Tower

Gain a dynamic edge with the TruCheck DPM Tower. Are your barcodes directly marked on your product? Do they lie on difficult to verify surfaces? If so, then the TruCheck DPM Tower is the right product for you! The DPM Tower’s unique design allows you to adjust the working distance with an easy to handle adjustment wheel. Verify any 1D and 2D bar code symbology as small as 7.5 mil.

The ‘DPM’ stands for ‘Direct Part Marked’, barcodes that are directly printed on the surface of a product. It comes equipped with the multiple lighting options needed to verify all direct part marks, whether they be Dot-peen or Laser Etched UID symbols.

Versatile. Customized Illumination. Dynamic. Check out the DPM Tower in action!


TruCheck 2D USB

The TruCheck 2D USB is Webscan’s easiest to use 2D barcode verifier. The 2D USB verifier is engineered for repeatability. Unlike our competitors, Webscan offers a portable imaging head that takes focusing and aligning for each scan out of the equation. The TruMatrix imaging head, combined with integrated 45 degree or combination 30/45/90 degree illumination in a rugged housing, provides ideal conditions for verification with the CCD-based imager. This verifier, while ergonomic and portable, still handles larger barcodes with a field of view up to 6 inches wide. You may also enable Multi Mode in Webscan’s software and use the 2D USB verifier to scan multiple codes at once.

In order to verify even the most unique types of barcodes, Webscan offers the TruCheck 2D USB verifier in four different models. The Standard TruCheck 2D USB, the DPM TruCheck 2D USB, the UV TruCheck 2D USB, and the Wide Angle TruCheck 2D USB. Still curious about which model is right for your verification needs? Have a Webscan representative contact you to discuss your personalized situation.