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If you utilizing codes for UID applications, and need to ensure that they are constructed correctly, you need a MIL UID Verifier (also known as a MIL UID Checker). Not only does the code need to be printed properly, but the data contained within the code must be correct to comply with MIL UID verification standards.

The Department of Defense mandates that all assets must be marked with an identification number in compliance with MIL-STD-130m and MIL-STD-130n. This identification number can be marked a variety of ways, from durable polyester labels to direct part marking (DPM). Verification of the Data Matrix with UID checker is the only way to ensure that the codes will scan.

UID Verification – Webscan Barcode Verifiers

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Below is a sample report for UID verification. The report includes information on MIL-STD-130N Acceptance Criteria and a breakdown of the data contained within the UID symbol.

UID Checker - UID Verifier

UID Checker – UID Verifier Report