GS1 Composite Symbology

GS1 DataBar with Composite Componentupc-cca GS1 Composite Symbology combines two symbols into one unit. Using GS1 Databar, UPC/EAN or GS1-128 as the primary symbol and a Micro PDF 417 based (CC-A or CC-B) or PDF 417 (CC-C) composite component as the secondary, or composite component, a composite symbol allows for separately encoding the primary item identification (usually a GTIN) and secondary information, such as expiration date, lot/batch number, quantity, etc.  The primary information which can be read easily and quickly at a low cost as a linear symbology while the secondary information is encoded in a stacked linear symbol which is also line scannable but takes more time to read.
Several Webscan products can verify GS1 Composite Symbology bar codes. All of these verify the print quality, providing in-depth analysis of both components of the symbol and also parses and checks for errors in the AI formatted data strings. Webscan GS1 Composite Symbology Verifiers perform complete analysis or both components, providing in-depth information on each component.