Data Validation

Data Validation is a term pertaining to the checking of the encoded data in a bar code. The data is always formatted in a usable arrangement based on the application. Data may be encoded in any user defined order however in many cases the data will conform to widely used and accepted  formats.

Webscan bar code verifiers as part of the verification process or the print quality analysis will in certain cases check that the data does indeed follow the rules of several of the most frequently used data formats.  GS1, HIBCC and the Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-130 are the common formats validated.

GS1 standards using Application Identifiers AI’s can be checked for UPC/EAN, GS1 code 128, GS1 Data Bar and GS1 Data Matrix bar codes. Applications for the GS1 standard vary across many industries. Below is an example of data validated and parsed from a coupon using  GS1 data formatting rules.

The system will check AI’s, DI’s and TEI’s and to both Construct 1 and 2 for MIL-STD data validation. An example of the data validation section in the verification report can be seen below.