UDI Compliance

Ensure that your barcodes meet industry standards and are compliant with UDI regulations with barcode verification. The right barcode verifier will save you time and give you confidence in your barcoded product. The only way you can be sure your codes meet industry standards and are printing and scanning successfully is to use a barcode verifier that conforms to industry standards.


The following Webscan verifiers are ideal for assisting with UDI compliance.


Webscan TruCheck Optima

The TruCheck Optima’s design is easy to maneuver and  ensures that the image is calibrated and in focus. Verify all  your 1D and 2D symbols with a hand-held verifier without  worrying about field of view limitations. Several Optima  models are available featuring a variety of field of views  ranges and minimum x-dimensions as small as 3.5mm as  well as a white LED version for barcodes printed in the crimson spectrum.


Webscan TruCheck DPM

The TruCheck DPM is specially designed with  multiple lighting options to implement the AIM-DPM method  for direct part mark verification as required by US DOD  MIL-STD-130N. With its integrated 9 illumination options and compact size, it is easy to move the unit to where it is needed: on a label, or even on an object. Choose from a bright field or dark field from any side to adapt to the surface texture of laser etched and/or dot peen marks. This unit will also verify ordinary labels according to ISO 15415.



Webscan TruCheck Omni

The TruCheck Omni has an extra large field of view (up to 6 inches wide). Verify your largest and smallest 1D and 2D codes with the same unit, and get accurate results every time! You can select multiple regions within your image so you can verify every barcode on a blister card or several barcodes on a shipping label all at once.




FLexHite DPM TiltedThe TruCheck FlexHite DPM system is based on the same optical components as the popular TruCheck 2D USB DPM hand-held verifier models and incorporates the same lighting options, field of view and x-dimension capable versions. The TruCheck FlexHite DPM can handle your most demanding barcode verification challenges with an adjustable height feature. The adjustable height of this system makes it perfect for verifying symbols even when they are recessed or otherwise hard to reach with other verifiers. Height adjustment is guided by Webscan’s patented laser focus indicator.


Webscan TruCheck DPM Tower


The TruCheck DPM Tower offers users a  choice of 45, 30 or 90-degree lighting,  making it perfect for virtually any direct part  marking application, including dot-peen,  laser etched UID, and even recessed  symbols.

Not just for direct part marks: with its large  field of view and ability to verify 1D and 2D  symbols with x-dimensions as small as 7.5 mil, the TruCheck Tower can handle your most  demanding barcode verification challenges.

Adjust the working distance of this versatile  verifier for any part. The software detects the  laser positioning indicator for perfect focus  automatically.