lottery2 Lottery tickets rely on barcodes for validation.  The unique validation barcode on each lottery ticket is produced at extremely high speed, using variable imaging technology that is subject to “streakers”, clogged nozzles, satellites, etc.  That is why it is critical to verify the print quality of lottery ticket barcodes, both online and offline.2D Symbologies, such as Data Matrix and PDF 417, are being used in addition to linear barcodes, and Webscan’s verifiers are perfect for this application, both online and offline.
Webscan’s on-line barcode verifiers are fast enough to produce accurate ANSI/ISO grades while barcodes are produced at extremely high speeds. Use off line barcode verifiers for production sampling.
TruCheck Optima™For users that need to verify both linear (1D) and 2D barcodes. Multiple versions are available to your field of view and minimum x dimension requirements.
TruCheck 2D USBFor imager based verification of 2D Matrix symbologies used in traceability applications. These imager based verifiers may also be used to verify smaller linear and/or stacked symbols. TruCheck USB Wide Angle will verify 100% UPC and Data Matrix in a single unit.