Barcode Applications for the Aerospace IndustryThe Aerospace industry utilizes a variety of symbologies and marking methods. Label systems use both linear 1 and 2D symbologies as well as 2D Data Matrix for unique item identification, inventory movement, and control. Mechanical parts made of plastic, aluminum, ceramic, and steel are in many cases directly marked by the use of dot-peening, laser and chemical etching, and other marking methods.

Webscan barcode verifiers of all types can be found in this industry and the TruCheck USB and Laser USB verifiers are excellent choices for a wide range of applications pertaining to Aerospace.

Linear barcodes (code 128, code 39 called out in the ATA Spec 2000) on labels and name plates can be graded according to ISO-15416 quality specifications with the TruCheck Laser USB systems. Data Matrix barcodes referenced in both the ATA-Spec-2000 and The DOD’s MIL-STD-130 can be verified utilizing the TruCheck USB verifier systems. Webscan 2D barcode verifiers have the capability to verify according to any of the quality specifications referenced in these documents including AS-9132 the Aerospace industries own specification for direct part marks.

TruCheck Laser USBFor verification of linear 1D and 2D barcodes specific to Aerospace Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes. This system can be combined with the TruCheck USB line up for complete 1 and 2D verification.
TruCheck Optima™For users that need to verify both linear (1D) and 2D barcodes. Multiple versions are available to your field of view and minimum x dimension requirements.
TruCheck 2D USBFor Computer based verification of 2D Data Matrix and in some cases small linear barcodes. These imagers come in several varieties for specific applications like direct part marking or primarily labels. The TruCheck USB Imagers can be combined with the TruCheck Laser USB for a complete 1D and 2D solution.
TruCheck 2D USB DPMFor use on all sorts of DPM symbols, features 9 lighting options and also has a hi-resolution model available.
TruCheck Flexhite™ DPMFor companies that are applying direct part markings in locations that are hard to access and on curved or shiny surfaces. The additional lighting features on this tower vs the larger tower will be helpful.
TruCheck DPM TowerFor companies that are applying direct part markings in locations that are hard to access. Such as recessed or hard to access symbols.
TruCheck Rover™For people that need to sample check several production lines since its wireless and runs on a battery. The TruCheck Rover™ has the same field of view and x-dimension as the TruCheck Optima™ but does not require a laptop connection.